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Wooden Pipes and accessories

Our unique collection of wooden pipes like Briar, Mitchell & Thomas, Meerschaum, Church warden, Shire pipe, Hexagon shire etc are hard to find in this modern world.

Additive free cigs.

In recent years, the quality has improved significantly however they are still relatively unknown mainly because they are hard to find. We at Tobacco Inn cary multiple brands that we have personally found to be great smokes at great prices.

Nasal Snuff

We carry Authentic, Traditional, English Snuff which also known as a premium dry nasal snuff comes in a 5-gram pocket tins for tobacco pleasure anywhere.

Tobacco-Free dip

A non-tobacco chew made from organic mint leaves are nicotine-free, good for your digestion, a natural appetite suppressant and good for your breath! Also great thing about them is it dose not cause tooth decay. 

WARNING : Smokeless tobacco is addictive and not a safe alternative to cigarettes.


Swedish snus

snus is a moist powdered tobacco contained in a light paper packet called a 'portion'. It originatedin Scandinavia. It is unique in that it is steam pasteurized rather then fire-cured, is not fermented and contains no added sugar.

Roll Your Own(RYO)

We carry various kind of premium tobacco / tubes and ryo machines.